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Street Art with the Landscape

Finnish artist David Popa approaches his street art in an unusual way. Although Popa grew up in New York with a graffiti artist father, she does not use spray paint to create her murals. In fact, he doesn't even use walls, trains or other typical surfaces. Instead, he is drawn to nature and fuses his evocative art with the landscape, creating rural paintings. In the beginning, deciding how to create works of art that did not harm the environment required careful planning. And for inspiration, Popa had to turn to the past. "I asked myself at the beginning of working in nature, what did the cave painters use? Cave painters would struggle a lot to find earth pigments and use chalk and charcoal in their works," the artist: "My materials are the same because they use earth pigments - also known as ocher or iron oxide - but also charcoal and chalk."

Popa mixes natural pigments, charcoal and chalk with water and has a wide range of shades to get the job done. It is incredible that he can achieve incredible detail and depth even with these limited materials. And while the final pieces are ephemeral, he photographs each mural to provide permanent documentation of the work. From portraits painted on breaking ice to faces appearing where glaciers once stood, it's clear that Popa carefully chooses the locations of her artwork. "I look for places that are amazing from above and that seem to have buried life hidden away - waiting to be discovered. The goal is to work near water, on broken pieces of ice, and generally in places where nature can interact with the piece in unexpected ways. Popa's work is impressive both technically and emotionally, but it also stands out because of the environmental message it conveys. His works remind us to be proud of the beauty of nature while respecting its fragility. To see how Popa puts these pieces together, visit her Instagram, where she often posts videos of her creative process.

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