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Chalk drawings to sidewalks

Artist David Zinn uses his creative talents to add charming chalk drawings to sidewalks, staircases, and other corners of the city. Each of these cartoon characters have fun interactions with the environment in a way that will bring a smile to your face.

Zinn's art is widely known for his unique style. He depicted a range of animal sand mythological figures, including foxes, dragons, dogs and creatures straight from his imagination. Despite their stylized appeal, many of these illustrations have a three-dimensional depth, which Zinn achieves through the use of perspective and shading. In this way, it is as if the artworks are standing or placed below the surface rather than being painted on top of it.

Zinn cleverly placed his original creation in a crack in the sidewalk, where the green weeds became the body of a green dog-like creature. Another chalk drawing imagines a wooden staircase that doubles as a sofa for a sleepy squirrel. Because each of these pieces is made of chalk, they are ephemeral in nature and fade away with the elements. This loophole, however, makes the artwork a worthwhile find; you know Tin has made a special effort to animate a small part of the city, even if its lifespan is only a few days.

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