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  • Why do digital artists wear gloves?
    What is an artist glove? An artist glove, also called anti-fouling artist glove, smudge protector and two finger drawing glove, is a glove that prevents your drawing from smudging in traditional media. The glove also reduces friction in your drawing tablet and iPad, and reduces the grease on the screen!
  • What are artist gloves made of?
    SMOOTH DESIGN: Drawing tablet gloves are made of lycra and polyester for maximum comfort. You'll have a firm grip of your pencil or stylus with these smudgeguard gloves. PREVENT SMEARS: These non slip gloves help to reduce smudging graphite or pencil when sketching or painting.
  • How do you clean an artist's glove?
    The glove can be hand washed with cold (or warm) soapy water, and can be machine washed in COLD water. The glove should always be hang dried.
  • Drawing gloves can be used for both left and right hand?
    They are universal for both left and right hand and can stretch really well to fit comfortably. These gloves are designed to reduce the friction between your hand and the working surface. Allowing your hand to slide smoothly, it will make the drawing process quicker and easier.
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